Sentry Safe Safe Box with Electronic and Dual Lock

The SentrySafe Electronic Security Box provides ease of use for all your cash storage needs. Overall: 5.6 H x 12.8 W x 10.4 D

Hollon Safe Oyster Series 2 Hr Fireproof Security Safe

Adjustable shelves 2 Hour fireproof Bolt down hardware Tri-spoke handle Heavy duty vault hinge

Magnum Electronic Digital Lock Gun Safe

This solid steel constructed gun safe, can be floor or wall mounted. It has concealed, tamper-proof hinges, 19 gauge steel plate housing and 11 gauge steel plant door. The electronic combination can be programmed with codes up to 8 digits for improved security. Change combination at anytime to ensure maximum security. Easy to read LCD display includes 4 AA batteries, and has a back-up hidden lock with 2 keys. Overall: 9.45 H x 8.86 W x 13.19 D

Gardall Safe Corporation Large "B" Rated Money Commercial Safe 4.8 CuFt

Gardalls money chests are designed for commercial and home use. These safes have a Class B insurance burglary resistant feature following the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications. Overall: 28.5 H x 23.5 W x 17.75 D

QNN Safe Electronic Lock Commercial Security Safe

Overall: 7.9 H x 18 W x 16 D

Barska Dial Lock Security Safe 1.75 CuFt

Depository safes or drop safes are an important tool in safe guarding cash from thieves and/or employees. Instead of leaving large bills and extra cash inside the register, simply drop the items of value into the access portal in the safe where it stays safely out of reach. This makes dropping items into the safe simple for businesses that need to protect their deposits before they need to go to the bank. Depository safes are mainly used for short-term storage of cash. Ideal for hotels, gas... Overall: 16 H x 13.75 W x 15.75 D

Ivation Stanley Solid Steel Personal Home Security Safe with Dual-Lock

Overall: 11 H x 13 H x 15.2 W x 16.5 W x 10 D x 12.8 D

V-Line Industries Quick Vault Wall Safe 0.2 CuFt

Most people envision safes as big and bulky and taking up too much space. The design of the quick vault safe by V-Line allows you to store your valuables in a location out of sight. Overall: 18 H x 16 W x 4 D

Sentry Safe Security Safe with Key Lock

The Security Safe with Key Lock is a union of utility and convenience. This safe can be placed in a cabinet or cupboard to protect valuables and belongings. The Security Safe with Key Lock by Sentry Safe is made from high-grade steel which imparts the properties of toughness and robustness. This safe has a six lever lock that serves to protect your precious belongings. This safe has a two bolt-lock design that serves to keep it securely fastened, and this makes it difficult to pry open or jimmy... Overall: 6.6 H x 11.4 W x 10.4 D

SafeInside SafeInside Portable Security Case

The SafeInside Portable Security Case allows you to secure your credit cards, identification, cash, keys, jewelry, wallet, smart phone*, and other small valuables when you are on the go. This case is ideal for the beach, pool, gym, camping, travel, work and more. It features a three-dial lock that can be reset to create your own three-digit combination and a six inch vinyl coated steel security cable that can securely tether the case to bikes, chairs, fences, etc. The cable is fully... Overall: 8 H x 3.9 W x 1.2 D

Gardall Safe Corporation Vertical One-Hour Fire Resiatant Microwave Safe 0.53 CuFt

Gardalls microwave safes protect important documents and possessions from theft and fire. These one-hour safes can withstand temperatures of 1,700 degrees fahrenheit with an interior temperature not exceeding 350 degrees fahrenheit (paper chars at 405 degrees fahrenheit) for a full hour and the cool down period. Overall: 15.25 H x 11.5 W x 12.5 D

Sentry Safe 1-Hour Fireproof Key Lock Security Safe

This safe is ideal for commercial office document protection. It offers organizational options for ease of use. Combination and key lock Locking drawer for small valuables Two multi-position shelves UL classified proven 1-hour fire protection

Sentry Safe Executive Security Safe

Overall: 38.3 H x 21.5 W x 23.8 D

GunVault SpeedVault Gun Safe

Overall: 13 H x 3.5 W x 6.5 D

Trademark Home Collection Hidden Wall Safe

The Trademark Global Hidden Wall Safe can help you conceal valuables and personal effects in a wall recess. This diversion safe is a wonderful union of utility and convenience. It is designed to quickly mount on a wall.nnThe Hidden Wall Safe by Trademark Global is made from a combination of high-grade plastic and metal, and this lets it last for a long time. This diversion safe resembles an ordinary wall-mounted receptacle for electrical appliances. It has a lock that resembles a mounted screw... Overall: 7 H x 3 W x 7 D

Stack-On Key Lock Gun Safe

California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder Overall: 54.75 H x 15.88 W x 3.88 D

Ivation Ivation Quick Access Pop-Open Door Gun Safe with Dual-Lock

Overall: 8.6 H x 10 W x 12.8 D

First Alert Electronic Lock Gun Safe

Large quick entry handgun safe is the ideal portable solution to safeguard your pistol and ammunition. Constructed of heavy 16-gauge steel and an electronic keypad with programmable 3 to 8-digit "no see" passcode, this safe provides secure theft protection. Spring-loaded door locking mechanism opens quickly upon entry of the passcode to allow fast access to contents in the event of an emergency. Foam padded interior protects contents during storage and removable shelf provides added storage... Overall: 8 H x 10 W x 14 D

Sentry Safe 1 Hr Fireproof Combination Lock Safe

The SentrySafe Combination Safe is designed with advanced fire protection and security in mind. With 60% bigger bolts than traditional safes and a pry-resistant hinge bar this unit provides additional protection against unauthorized access. Verified for protection against water damage this safe provides strong protection for the documents, digital media and other valuables most important to you and your business. Additional features such as locking drawer, multi-positional shelf, key rack, door... Overall: 17.8 H x 16.3 W x 19.3 D

Barska Biometric Keypad Security Safe with Electronic and Key Lock

Protect valuables and belongings with the Biometric Keypad Security Safe with Electronic and Key Lock. The Safe features an all-new module that provides both a Biometric fingerprint scanner and a numeric digital keypad. The Security Safes advanced biosecure technology will only recognize the fingerprints that have been programmed into the safe, and the user-created Pin code acts as a backup in case the safe needs to be accessed by someone whose fingerprint has not been registered. Overall: 9 H x 16.5 W x 17 D

Honeywell 0.15 CuFt 30 Minute Fire Molded Chest

Honeywell 0.15 cubic feet molded fire chest has a 30 minute UL class 350 fire rating for up to 1550 / 843C. Perfect for storing your important documents and valuables. Designed to fit envelopes, folded letter size documents, CD/DVD and digital flash drives. Standard number #10 envelopes can be filed upright. Has a key lock type for protection. Backed up by a 7 year limited warranty and a lifetime after-fire guarantee. Overall: 10 H x 12.4 W x 7.2 D

Tracker Safe Electronic Security Safe

Overall: 30 H x 20 W x 20 D

Homak 10-Gun Corner Steel Security Cabinet

Overall: 57 H x 33.75 W x 24 D

Gardall Safe Corporation Light Duty Commercial Depository Safe

Overall: 20 H x 14 W x 14 D

Tracker Safe Small Gun Safe with Key Lock

Small Gun Safe with Key Lock is built with one very important mission: to protect what matters most to their customers. As their world is a dangerous place, there is not a better or more reliable safe. This product is easy to use security safe that allows quick access to your valuables. This safe is ideal for bedside, closet, dresser, garage, cabin, summer home, rentals, offices, cars or motorhomes. The safe is perfect for keeping children away from firearms/valuables and smash and grab... Overall: 2 H x 9.75 W x 8.88 D

Gardall Safe Corporation Medium Two-Hour Fire Resistant Record Safe

Gardalls two-hour record safes protect important documents and possessions from theft and fire. These safes are all outfitted with the Underwriters Laboratories Group II S&G mechanical lock to ensure the security of your personal and professional belongings. Overall: 24.75 H x 19.75 W x 18.25 D

Barska 2.6 Cubic Foot Fire Security Safe with Electronic Lock

Keep your valuables secured and protected by the 2.6 Cubic Foot Fire Security Safe with Electronic Lock. A solid fireproof steel construction and three solid-steel locking deadbolts ensure that only the authorized users who know the PIN Code can access the contents inside. A fully carpeted interior further protects the valuables within, and two adjustable shelves can be positioned in multiple configurations. Overall: 25 H x 20 W x 20 D

V-Line Industries Slide-Away Safe

The Slide-Away is V-Lines new American made multi-purpose heavy duty security case.The Slide-Away is constructed of heavy duty 12 ga. steel with a rugged tactical black powder coating. The smooth operating large pullout drawer sits on ball bearing assisted slides. The drawer is large enough to hold an ipad style tablet or two 1911 type firearms with room to spare for extra magazines. The Slide-Away is versatile enough to mount underneath a desktop or in a small area as long as there is about... Overall: 4 H x 10 W x 13 D

Gardall Safe Corporation Commercial In-Floor Safe

Gardalls in-floor safes are designed to keep your money or valuables where you put them and maintain a low profile. The bodies of this style of safe have a pyramid shape for solid floor anchoring, and an optional door slot allows for quick deposits while the baffles prevent the contents from being fished out. Dust cover for safe door included Class B insurance burglary resistant following the broad form and mercantile safe insurance classifications Full length locking bar on the hinge side of the door

FireKing Hercules Cash Box with Key Lock

When your cash is on the move, whether youre operating a retail booth, are moving cash from till to safe, or have other mobility needs, it is difficult to also keep it secure. For peace of mind and cash security, FireKing cash boxes offer a way to transport or collect cash in a safe and secure manner. Rely on the same tough security that you expect from full size FireKing safes. This convertible cash and key box will stand up to any task. It can be used as a small cash box with a removable 4... Overall: 3.5 H x 7.9 W x 6.5 D

Wilson Safe Biometric Lock Commercial Hotel Safe 0.91 CuFt

This personal safe is great for the secure storage of cash, jewelry, and other valuable items. It was specifically designed for the safekeeping of important objects. This safe includes pre-drilled holes for bolt down and also includes a bolt down kit. Overall: 8 H x 16.5 W x 14.5 D

Hollon Safe Rotary Hopper Commercial Depository Safe

Overall: 20.25 H x 14 W x 14 D

Durable Office Products Corp. Locking Key Cabinet, 72-Key, Brushed Aluminum, 11 3/4 X 4 5/8 X 15 3/4

Modular design permits extra key boxes to be mounted above or below. Free programmable PDFs for tag inserts and inventory sheets can be downloaded from website. Overall: 16.56 H x 12.25 W x 5.06 D

Gardall Safe Corporation TL-30 Commercial High Security Safe

Gardalls commercial high security safes are raised to a higher standard, with many of their competitors optional features coming standard to make a more secure safe. They are designed to protect valuable items, such as jewelry or money or important documents, from burglary attempts. The TL-30 safes are TL-30 Underwriters Laboratories listed, meaning they can resist sophisticated tool attacks for half an hour. Door is 5 thick containing a 3 slab of TDRII - a special formulation of high density Barrier material with fiber reinforcement With cross locking re-lockers and tempered glass re-locking trigger

Phoenix Safe International Data Commander 2 Hr Fireproof Digital Lock Security Safe

Every Phoenix Safe is manufactured to the highest quality standards and features an all steel construction, inside and outside. Insured, warranted, and guaranteed to protect your magnetic media and documents from fire, water, and smoke damage. These safes are designed to prevent water damage caused by fire hoses and sprinklers. Impact rated: The impact test includes dropping the safe 30 feet onto concrete rubble, then reheating in the fire. This simulates actual conditions in a fire when the... Overall: 68.75 H x 47.25 W x 28.5 D

Gardall Safe Corporation Large Single Door Commercial Back Loading Depository Safe 2.06 CuFt

Gardalls medium back loading depository safe is designed to provide immediate protection for cash while the door remains locked. To operate the back loader simply open the drop door by pulling it forward and placing items inside. Close it and then check after to make sure items have dropped. This safe also features Class B insurance burglary resistance following the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications. Please note that this depository is meant for quick cash security... Overall: 36.5 H x 14.5 W x 13 D

Hollon Safe B-Rated Commercial Depository Safe

Overall: 27 H x 14 W x 14 D

Tracker Safe Pistol Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

Overall: 7.5 H x 7 W x 12.6875 D

FireKing 1-Hour Fireproof Security Safe with Electronic Lock

The all heavy steel construction safe is equipped with 1 tray and has an electronic lock for basic theft security, deterring burglary and shrinkage. This safe carries a 1-hour fire label and is water resistant. A one time investment in FireKing will protect for a lifetime 1-Hour fire protection, water resistant 1 Tray inside Lifetime replacement after fire coverage

Gardall Safe Corporation 43.5" H Two Hour Fire Resistant Safe

Gardalls large fire resistant safes protect important documents and possessions from theft and fire. These safes can withstand temperatures of 1,750 degrees fahrenheit with an interior temperature not exceeding 350 degrees Fahrenheit (paper chars at 405 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to two hours and the cool down period. Not stopping at fire protection, these safes also have Class B insurance burglary resistant features following the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications. Overall: 43.5 H x 25.75 W x 26.75 D

Kidde Heavy Duty Key Cabinet

Overall: 11.75 H x 7.88 W x 2.33 D

Homak 8-Gun First Watch Add on Box

Overall: 7.83 H x 19.25 W x 5.75 D

MMF Industries Steelmaster Hook-Style Key Cabinet

Durable heavy-gauge steel construction with scratch and chip-resistant finish. Versatile key hooks allow you to hang 28 keys with or without key tags. Full-length piano hinge and sturdy handle make opening and closing a breeze. Door-mounted combination lock. Predrilled holes allow for hanging on wall or attachment to partition hanger (screws included). Overall: 11.7 H x 7.9 W x 3.3 D

Ulrich 3-Drawer Key Lock File Safe

Ulrich Drawerfile is the ideal solution for storage of. With custom manufactured heavy duty drawer slides make each drawer capable of holding 500 pounds. A heavy duty, high quality cabinet that can take years of punishment and still operate like new. Overall: 51.87 H x 23.37 W x 24.37 D

MMF Industries Steelmaster Heavy-Duty Steel Lay-Flat Cash Box with 6 Compartments

Opens flat for cash drawer convenience. Patented spring clips in cover hold bills in place. Removable six compartment molded plastic tray with storage underneath. Overall: 8 H x 11.25 W x 7.5 D

Homak 36+8 Fire Resistant Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Overall: 59 H x 36 W x 27 D

Wilson Safe Electronic Lock Fire Safe 0.7 CuFt

Wilson Safe is proud to offer the highest rated fire safe available. With a fire rating of 3329.6 degrees for 1 hour and burglary resistance, this safe is ideal for any home. Bolt down kit included. Safe is SP certified. Overall: 14.5 H x 16 W x 16.5 D

FireKing Fireproof 1-Hour Data Security Safe with Impact-Rated Key Lock

UL 1-hour DS series safes are a versatile and reliable solution for media protection. This safe offers protection for your easily-damaged equipment. It features a diverse array of interior configuration options, so can keep a variety of different storage media types free of harm in the FireKing 1-hour data safe. It has a UL 1-hour class 125 fire rating. Products undergo exhaustive testing procedures passing both fire and explosion hazard tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, which... Protection for your sensitive computer media UL rated to resist damage resulting from a fall of up to 30 feet A wide choice of interiors for storing magnetic media

First Alert Steel Cash Cash Box with Key Lock

This Steel Cash Cash Box with Key Lock is constructed of durable powder-coated steel and includes a security lock with 2 entry keys. When you need to conduct business transactions off-premises, a travel safe for cash is essential. The slim-line case is heavy-gauge steel with center key access. Inside, compartments for bills are below while a lift-out change and accessory tray provide concealment. Built-in money clip slots on top which securely hold cash. Lock system with 2 entry keys.... Overall: 3.5 H x 11.8 W x 8.1 D

Kole Imports Security Safe with Electronic Lock

An ideal solution for any home or small business office, this Security Safe with Electronic Lock features durable steel construction to protect your valuable items and important documents against theft and disaster. An easy to program keypad allows you to open the box with a code. It can also be opened with two included keys. Includes a felt liner inside. Operating instructions included. Requires 4 AA batteries (included). Measures approximately 9.125" x 6.75" x 7". Comes packaged in an... Overall: 8.63 H x 11.25 W x 8.63 D

Steelmaster Uni-Tag Key Cabinet with Key Lock

Keep track of "loaner" keys for security and tracking with the Uni-Tag Key Cabinet with Key Lock. This 160-key-capacity model provides key accountability with the "out key" control tag. Record key number, key recipient and date loaned on the control tag and place in a key slot. Overall: 8.8 H x 21.5 W x 23.6 D

Hollon Safe Dial Lock Depository Safe

Overall: 40 H x 20 W x 20 D

Barska Antique Map Book Cash Box with Key Lock

This Antique Map Book Cash Box with Key Lockis made to look and feel like an antique bound book, but hidden inside is a concealed compartment for storing valuables. The compartment of the safe features a strong steel safe door that can be opened using one of the two included keys. The front cover of the book features a magnetic closure, ensuring that the Antique Map Book remains closed. This Book Lock Box blends easily in any home and is hidden in plain sight. Perfect for storing money... Overall: 7 H x 10.75 W x 2.75 D

Protex Safe Co. Wall Depository Safe with Electronic Lock

This Wall Depository Safe with Electronic Lock is designed for ease of use and are a great choice for convenient stores, hotels/motels, churches, gas stations/car wash, restaurants and more. The safe is spring-loaded re-locker and chrome plated heavy-duty steel locking bolts as well as an anti-drill lock plate. The secure electronic lock is a standard feature for the drop safe which gives it a very convenient and fast operation as well as easy programming and a wrong-try penalty lockout mode to... Overall: 19.75 H x 19 H x 13.75 W x 7.5 W x 11 D x 2 D

Barska BX300 Biometric Lock Security Safe

The BX300 Biometric Lock Security Safe allows you to safely store your valuables while having the ability to access them quickly with the touch of a fingerprint. The Barska Biometric Safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints, and the advanced bio-technology will only recognize the prints that have been programmed into the safe. Provides a great storage solution for small electronics, firearms, jewelry, medicines and important documents. Overall: 16.25 H x 16.5 W x 14.5 D

Barska Extra Small Gray Combination Lock Box

This multi-purpose combination lock box is great for personal security in the home, office, or on the go. Perfect for storing cash, electronic devices such as a cell phone, mp3 player or other small valuables. The small size makes it ideal to hide in a file cabinet, closet, glove box, backpack or desk drawer. Overall: 3.15 H x 6 W x 4.5 D

Protex Safe Co. Front Loading Depository Safe with Electronic Lock

This Front Loading Depository Safe with Electronic Lock is an excellent choice for restaurants, hospitals, motels, churches, synagogues and convenient stores. Overall: 32.63 H x 19.75 W x 17.63 D

Protex Safe Co. Burglary Safe Box with Biometric Lock

Overall: 12.88 H x 14.13 W x 13 D

Paragon Safe Brigadiere Key Lock Rifle / Gun Safe [5.4 CuFt]

If you are considering a rifle / gun safe, look no further. These safes are not cheap lockers like many of the imitations elsewhere. Check the weight of the safe to see what you are getting - these weigh in at 133 pounds. We are pleased to introduce the Brigadiere 7550 Key Lock Rifle / Gun Safe by the Paragon Lock and Safe Co. It is perfect for keeping your guns and weapons in a safe secure place. The innovative design and styling will impress you and the extra heavy duty 18 gauge steel... Overall: 55.25 H x 19.5 W x 12.75 D

Honeywell Digital Security Box

This Honeywell Fire Resistant Digital Security Box features 24-48 key hooks with key rings and tags included. This security box is key locking with 2 entry keys included, has a durable, scratch-resistant powder coat finish and pre-drilled holes with all mounting hardware and instructions included. Key Lock with 2 entry keys included Key Hooks and Tags Included Scratch resistant powder coat finish Pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware included Foam padded floor

First Alert The Fire Protector Key Lock Safe

Key lock with 2 entry keys includes 1550 Degrees Fahrenheit / 30 minutes fire protection Molded fire safe Carry handle

Honeywell 0.35 Cubic Feet Digital Lock Steel Security Safe

The Honeywell Digital Lock Steel Security Safe 0.35 CuFt provides versatile use and excellent quality. The safe is easy to use and offers excellent functionality. It can be used in most offices and homes.nnThe Digital Lock Steel Security Safe 0.35 CuFt by Honeywell is made from steel that ensures excellent durability. The safe is available in digital lock that is powered by four AA batteries and keeps its contents secure. The 0.35 cubic feet size of the safe provides excellent storage space. It... Overall: 7.9 H x 12.2 W x 8.1 D

WYZworks Hide a Key Thermometer Safe Box

Overall: 8.1 H x 3.6 W x 1 D

HomCom Electronic Lock Safe Box

Compact, portable safe is the perfect solution for on-the-go" security. It is ideal for trips, beaches, vehicles, campers, dorms, bicycles, the gym and so much more! It is designed to secure cell phones, wallets, keys, iPods, GPSs, jewelry and other valuable items subject to theft. Lock it up with brand new portable safe box and your mind will be at ease! Overall: 1.5 H x 7.5 W x 21.5 D

First Alert Waterproof/Fireproof File Safe with Key Lock

Overall: 13 H x 16.25 W x 13.25 D

Buddy Products Heavy Duty Strong Box

Grey heavy duty strong box constructed of steel. No tray provided so anything of value can be placed inside secure area. Full piano hinges for strength. Large handle for portability. Special wafer tumbler locking mechanism and keys for extra security. Powder coat finish for durability. Overall: 4.63 H x 10 W x 8.5 D

Stack-On Electronic Lock Wall Safe

Take advantage of the unused space in your walls! This stealthy and design is suitable for securing a wide variety of valuables including handguns, documents, and other small personal items. California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. Offers a stealthy and convenient way to secure your small valuables by utilizing the space inside your walls. You will feel more confident when away from home knowing that... Overall: 20.63 H x 13.81 W x 3.75 D

Stack-On Steel Security Cabinet

Keep your ammo and firearms safe and secure with this 14 - gun cabinet. With a removable top shelf, the safe can be used for storage of valuables, rifles, ammunition and more. With its gold accents, this cabinet reflects elegance while it prevents potential scratching with a foam padded interior. Overall: 55 H x 21 W x 16 D

Honeywell Executive Electronic Lock Jewelry Safe

These new Honeywell Executive Jewelry Safes are ideal for secure storage of jewelry, files and other valuable possessions. They have also been ETL tested a certified to provide 30 minutes fire protection by keeping the interior temperature under 350F when the exterior temperature is up to 1400F. There are two drawers with felt-lined trays for convenient organization of your valuable jewelry. There are also two medium size drawers for miscellaneous storage and a file drawer that holds letter... Overall: 59.1 H x 34 W x 27.6 D

Steelwater Gun Safes 16-Gun 45 Minute Fire Rated Electronic Lock Gun Safe

Maximum 16 long gun capacity with a fully upholstered gray interior that features a two section gun rack that can store a max of (8) long guns within each section. This safe includes (1) full length shelf along with (3) small shelves that are able to be used in the right section of the gun rack interior. All shelving is adjustable/removable to allow for additional storage options. (Average capacity: 8 to 10 long guns) Overall: 59 H x 22 W x 19 D